Wilfred’s Journey – Leave them for your father

Being a High School literature teacher working and living in Nakuru, I would always carry Prabhupadas books with me. I would stay in Nakuru for the week but then during the weekend I would come to the temple. I stayed in Nakuru for 2 years. During this time Govinda Prem Prabhu would call me to attend festivals. After my contract ended I decided not to … Continue reading Wilfred’s Journey – Leave them for your father

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Wilfred’s Story – My Spiritual Journey

What your lecture will do for three minutes, but if he reads one page his life may be turned. Srila Prabhupada Letter to Bali Mardana – 20 September 1972 My former names are Wilfred Erakoi, from Nairobi. I am a teacher by profession. When I was pursuing my education at the Kenyatta University, I took a unit in world religion where I came across the … Continue reading Wilfred’s Story – My Spiritual Journey

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A Muslim bussiness man has a change of heart

MalawiAround one and a half years ago, while distributing Srila Prabhupada’s books on a street in Blantyre, Malawi, I met Mr. Khan, a Muslim businessman from India. He was amused to see an Indian sadhu in a dhoti and kurta on the busy streets of a remote Central African country and asked me in Hindi what was I doing. I explained to him that I was from the Hare Krishna movement and was distributing books about how to develop love for God. At that time he bought some small books. A few days later, when we met again on the street, he started criticizing Srila Prabhupada, saying that he uses abusive language and calls people rascals. When i met him again on the street after a few days, he had started appreciating the books and said that Continue reading “A Muslim bussiness man has a change of heart”

Book distribution must go on

I shall never forget the ecstasy when we received the first shipment of Bhagavad-gitas. They were delivered right to the door of the storefront one evening at six o’clock, just before the evening kirtana. Afterwards, I stood up to give the customary concluding announcements. But this time, I held in my hands this beautiful purple-colored book and practically cried as I announced that finally  your labor of love was published and everyone could take advantage of it. Now the world could read the Bhagavad-Gita As It Is, for the first time. You were not in New York Continue reading “Book distribution must go on”

Book ditribution in the land of Dharma

Article Courtesy of Book Distribution Conference.

Once one of our devotees in India — Nitai Prabhu — was trying to distribute a
Krsna Book. But the man was reluctant and gave many excuses for not taking the
book. Finally he said that he would purchase it next time. A man seated
opposite him heard the conversation, and afterward the man said to the person
refusing to buy a book, “You should take it; it’s a very nice book. I’ve
bought this book and completed reading it.” When he heard this, the
person who had refused to buy the book readily bought it. In this way,
we often we meet people who appreciate our books.

Most surprising for us is that almost every day Continue reading “Book ditribution in the land of Dharma”