Wilfred’s Journey – Leave them for your father

Being a High School literature teacher working and living in Nakuru, I would always carry Prabhupadas books with me. I would stay in Nakuru for the week but then during the weekend I would come to the temple. I stayed in Nakuru for 2 years. During this time Govinda Prem Prabhu would call me to attend festivals.

After my contract ended I decided not to renew it but wanted to do some preaching activity at the HKTC – this would have been around the end of 2016.

Around this time my spiritual journey had hit a plateau and I felt I was not making any progress, especially when I tried to introduce the idea at home to my parents.

My parents being staunch Christians, as well as leaders in the church, expected me to be a leader in the church as well. During my youth, I had been very active in the church.

Whenever I would go home from the temple I had to remove my neck beads and tilaka, as it would cause a lot of trouble. I used to lock myself in my room to chant my rounds or sometimes I would go to Ngong hills to chant as it’s nearby.

On one occasion, I forgot to take out my kanthi mala on my return home. My parents were getting suspicious as I was not eating food at home. Being from the Maasai family all our meals have meat so I used to be discreet. I would serve the other preparations and avoid the meat. In this way my parents got suspicious and they thought I was on drugs or something. They started snooping around my room and they found Srila Prabhupadas books and my bead bag. My Dad became very angry with me and he even got physical, almost strangling me with my kanthi mala, but luckily it broke. So he took my books and beads and threw them in the fire and said: “you have to choose, either you go and live with these people or you live in this house”.

The next day I decided to go back to the temple and my parents threatened to give me up. l left home and stayed in the temple without talking to them for almost 7-8 months. Mum was very worried that I was following the Indians. I tried to remind her of all the bad things I was into, like drinking and drugs and that now I was a better person. Did she want me to go back to that life I asked, I would for her sake. But I really did not want to go back to that life. Association of devotees, prasadam and attending programs was a higher taste and was making me lose taste for all the bad things. She actually saw sense in that but said to me:

“Leave them for your Father”

Thereafter, I would text my mum once in a month and she would ask if I was alive. Eventually my Dad called and told me to go home, and agreed with my way of life as long as I would not bring it to their house. Sometimes I would have Krsna Conscious discussions with them but instead of saying Krsna I would say God and they would find sense in that. With time Dad became a bit favorable. I would show them Gaur Gopal and Jay Shetty’s videos. And they would say it does make sense.

However, for their image and ego, they have to maintain their status in society. For them, Krsna Consciousness is foreign and they don’t understand it because it’s not Christianity. For them, anything that is not Christian is wrong.

To be continued

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