Wilfred’s Story – My Spiritual Journey

What your lecture will do for three minutes, but if he reads one page his life may be turned.

Srila Prabhupada Letter to Bali Mardana – 20 September 1972

My former names are Wilfred Erakoi, from Nairobi. I am a teacher by profession. When I was pursuing my education at the Kenyatta University, I took a unit in world religion where I came across the Bhagavad gita which I got from my lecturer. It was not Srila Prabhupada’s but it intrigued me. All through my childhood I used to think about reincarnation, karma etc. so when I went through the Bhagavad Gita, it sparked a fire. I did not read the whole book, just passed through it for a day and had to give it back to the lecturer. At that time I was researching about the concept of reincarnation and demigods, because the perception of what we were taught concerning other world religions, was that there are demigods for different things in other religions.

In December 2015, I was in town and was politely stopped by a Hare Krishna devotee near the Hilton hotel, whom later I found out was Bhavna Mataji. To just get past her, thinking, ok this is for charity, I took the book she was showing me – The science of self-realization, and gave her 50 Kenyan Shillings and went home.

Then one day, I picked the book up and started to read it. I had an amazing experience, with every word I was reading, all my questions were being answered. This led me to look for the temple which I was told was in Ngara- ISKCON NAIROBI. I was informed that there is a Morning class, so I left very early on a Sunday morning to look for the temple. I did not know Ngara area very well. It took me a very long time in Ngara to locate the temple. I was asking everyone I met if they knew where this book (SSR) comes from. I went all the way to the Swami Narayan temple thinking it was ISKCON. I even asked the askari (watchman) about the book I had in hand.

It was just by Krsna’s arrangement that Padmalocana prabhu was passing from there and he saw me and asked “kijana what are you doing with that book?”.
“I am so tired, I have been walking the whole morning looking for where this book comes from”, I replied.

Finally I got the right direction and reached the temple and was directed to Hare Krishna Training Center(HKTC) where Rukma prabhu was giving lunch time Bhagavad Gita class. After class I thought this stuff is very deep and I need more time to meditate on it. Then, as I was leaving the premises, two devotees – Hanuman prabhu and Omkar prabhu called me to have lunch at the temple prasad hall…

To be continued…

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