Mantra Fest

Submitted by Dvaraka Vasini dasi

“Param vijayate sri Krishna sankirtanam”.  In this age of kali the recommended process of worshiping Krishna is hearing and chanting of His holy names. And we can realize this truth only by reading from the scriptures that hold the truth.  In Kaliyuga only one pillar of religion is standing which is truthfulness found in the Holy Scriptures like Bhagavad Gita As It Is, and Srimad Bhagavatam.

When we combine chanting dancing and prasadam we get a festival. This is our life and soul.

Mantra fest was such an event that was organized by the vaishnavis of ISKCON Nairobi, on 18th Oct 2014, to share this truth with the wanainchi (citizens) in Nairobi CBD.

Inspired by the visit of H.G Vijaya prabhu who gave a three days seminar on “Book Distribution, the event was an overflow of the devotee’s enthusiasm to distribute more books. There were thirty three devotees who participated in the program.
Started at 11am, near the monument of the late Shujaa (warrior) of Kenya, Tom Mboya. There was kirtana throughout the event which was very pleasing to hear and attracted people to come closer and listen. Devotees distributed the holy literatures to all those interested. And Prasadam was served to everyone around the place. What a wonderful site for the benefit of mankind.  Devotees also did skits to entertain and educate the people. The first skit was “Bird in the cage” – how we concentrate on the body but completely neglect the soul. And the second skit was “The boatman and the professor” –Is material education sufficient? In total 1143 books were distributed by the devotees and four buckets of rice Prasadam served.

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Book distribution in Nairobi

Submitted by Vijaya dasa
(Iskcon Sankirtana Minister)

As I was distributing books in Nairobi, Krsna gave me a new line for distributing books.

After I stopped someone and exchanged a few words, I’d present the book to the person and, as Srila Prabhupada encouraged us to do, show the pictures to them.

Showing the changing bodies picture, I’d say the soul is going through the body from boyhood to old age to death and that it would continue after the death of the body. Then I would tell them the soul is so powerful that nothing can kill the soul not even the hydrogen bomb.

Then I would ask, “Do you know why the soul is so powerful?”

The person always said, “No, why?”

“Because it’s part of God, who is the most powerful. The more we connect with God, the more powerful we get, and the less connected we are to Him the weaker we become. This book will help you become spiritually powerful.”

Then I would ask for a donation, and ninety percent of the people would give one and take a book. It was pretty ecstatic.

This took place this last Saturday. All week long I was giving seminars on book distribution to the congregation and the temple devotees with the idea that we would all go out together on Saturday. During the week it’s difficult for the congregation to go out because they have jobs, so the plan was to try and inspire them to go on Saturday. It was a good turnout. Thirty-three devotees went out and distributed 1,124 books. We all had a great time giving our treasures of bhakti to the people.

Your servant,

Vijaya dasa

A visit to Africa

by Vijaya dasa
(Iskcon Sankirtana Minister)

I just finished visits to Nigeria and Ghana. Devotees in both countries are nice and enthusiastic to hear about Krishna and book distribution. The leaders sincerely stick to Srila Prabhupada’s desire to distribute books, and the result is that the books are going out. They are poor countries, so it’s not easy to distribute books, but still people read the books and become devotees.


Srila Prabhupada went to Africa five times, so he had a desire that the people of Africa take to Krishna consciousness. When he came the first time, he saw that the devotees were preaching only to the Indians, so he told them, “No, everyone is a spirit soul, and anyone can take to Krishna consciousness, so preach to everyone.” Then the devotees let the local Africans hear the glories of Krishna, and soon the indigenous devotees were established.

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Catch The Reading Bug

CATCH THE READING BUG- 17TH Nairobi International book fair

Submitted by Dwaraka Vasini dasi

fair 007Among the 76 exhibitors at this year’s International book fair  ( 17 to 24 September 2014 ) was our very own ISKCON stall that displayed most of Srila Prabhupada’s books.

According to the organizers, a total number of 16,652 students visited the fair, from various schools within Nairobi and the outskirts.

To attract the students to the ISKCON stall the young vaishnavi’s gave out a cupcake for every book sold. In this way crowds and crowds of student’s flocked the stall and got the mercy of Srila Prabhupada both in the form of his books and also Krishna Prasadam.

It was amazing to see how children are easily attracted to Krishna’s photo on the covers of these books. Continue reading

Book Distribution in East London

Last week in East London, I a met a very nice African student at the Vincent shopping mall. I introduced myself to him and told him that I was a traveling monk and that I taught yoga and philosophy.  “That’s interesting,” he said, “As a matter of a fact I am very glad to have met you. You know what’s amazing, just before you came while sitting here I was thinking about serendipity.” I showed him a selection of books and told him that they were text books of higher knowledge. I began preaching about self realization and the difference between the soul and the temporary material body. I began to notice as I spoke to him, he seemed to understand everything that I told him; in fact it was almost if he were a devotee. I told him about the importance of chanting and of association and gave him a chant and be happy. He thanked me, and said he felt that it was by no chance he had met me. I gave me my email address, cell phone number and an invitation to the Wednesday program. The very next day, I was amazed to receive this email:   Continue reading

Anyone can do it…

20140708_122149Hena Gohil, who has come down to Nairobi from the UK for a holiday, decided to join her aunt(Dwarka Vasini) and cousin (Ambika Gopi) for book distribution on the streets of Nairobi.

At first though, she was a little bit weary of the service as she had never read any of Srila Prabhupadas books. The first day was more of a tutorial day for her, but she quickly gained confidence after reading some pages of the book ‘Beyond Birth and Death’. On her second day on the street armed with some teachings of Srila Prabhupada, she started distributing books, and her confidence grew even more as many people approached her for books and she would tell them about her favourite book ‘Beyond Birth and Death’. In this way she was able to distribute many books including the Bhagavad Gita. Hena feels strongly for doing some charity work for the poor people.  What better way of doing some welfare activity for the conditioned soul than book distribution.

.Anyone can do it, even a child. Our Syamasundara’s daughter. She was preaching, “Do you know Krsna?….” “…This is preaching, simply if you say that “Krsna is the Supreme Personality, supreme controller. Just be obedient to Him.” Where is the difficulty? Anyone can preach.  ( Room Conversation, 25th, January, 1977 )

The Marathon Movie

A Muslim bussiness man has a change of heart

MalawiAround one and a half years ago, while distributing Srila Prabhupada’s books on a street in Blantyre, Malawi, I met Mr. Khan, a Muslim businessman from India. He was amused to see an Indian sadhu in a dhoti and kurta on the busy streets of a remote Central African country and asked me in Hindi what was I doing. I explained to him that I was from the Hare Krishna movement and was distributing books about how to develop love for God. At that time he bought some small books. A few days later, when we met again on the street, he started criticizing Srila Prabhupada, saying that he uses abusive language and calls people rascals. When i met him again on the street after a few days, he had started appreciating the books and said that Continue reading

Book distribution video from Russia

Srila Prabhupada’s books will Travel

Submitted by Madhumangala dasa

Tusta Gaura, Kesava and myself went out to distribute Srila Prabhupada’s books along one of the busy main avenues here in Kampala, which abounds with so many shops along it. Today was a very special day, at least four Muslims took Srila Prabhupada’s books from me, this for me is the mercy of Haridas Thakur.

The shop I went into I cannot remember exactly what it sold, but it was a very bare shop with not many goods for sale. It had a very high ceiling, it was almost as though it were some vast cathedral, as I spoke my voice echoed like I was in a cave. Continue reading