The Astounding Bhagavad Gita

image-1The “Astounding Bhagavad-Gītā”

South African visit by His Grace Madhusevita Dāsa (BBT Trustee, GBC, Initiating Guru)

The highly esteemed Madhusevita Dāsa (Italy) has embarked on publishing the world’s largest format sacred text, the Bhagavad-Gītā as it is.  As a dedication to our beloved Śrīla Prabhupāda, a team of the most qualified experts are currently working on the artistic rendering, engineering, graphics and maintenance of the “astounding” 2.8m x 2.00m Bhagavad-Gītā!

Madhusevita Dāsa will be visiting South Africa from 26 February 2017 – 9 March 2017 providing us all with an opportunity to engage in this offering to Śrīla Prabhupāda. Once published, this book will be a landmark in the history of Vaisnavism in general and of ISKCON in particular.

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Sankirtana Scores – September 2015

Dear Devotees,

Please find below a summary of the Book Scores for September 2015 from the African Continent. Please click on the following link for details per temple: Africa Book Scores – September 2015

September summary

Sankirtana Scores – December 2014

Dear Devotees,

Please find below a summary of the Book Scores for December 2014 from the African Continent. Please click on the following link for details per temple: Africa Book Scores – December 2014

Thank you to all the devotees who assisted in increasing the December Marathon distribution by 29% compared to December 2013. A special thank you to the Kenyan Yatra for once again leading the way in Africa.

December summary

Book distribution in Nairobi

Submitted by Vijaya dasa
(Iskcon Sankirtana Minister)

As I was distributing books in Nairobi, Krsna gave me a new line for distributing books.

After I stopped someone and exchanged a few words, I’d present the book to the person and, as Srila Prabhupada encouraged us to do, show the pictures to them.

Showing the changing bodies picture, I’d say the soul is going through the body from boyhood to old age to death and that it would continue after the death of the body. Then I would tell them the soul is so powerful that nothing can kill the soul not even the hydrogen bomb.

Then I would ask, “Do you know why the soul is so powerful?”

The person always said, “No, why?”

“Because it’s part of God, who is the most powerful. The more we connect with God, the more powerful we get, and the less connected we are to Him the weaker we become. This book will help you become spiritually powerful.”

Then I would ask for a donation, and ninety percent of the people would give one and take a book. It was pretty ecstatic.

This took place this last Saturday. All week long I was giving seminars on book distribution to the congregation and the temple devotees with the idea that we would all go out together on Saturday. During the week it’s difficult for the congregation to go out because they have jobs, so the plan was to try and inspire them to go on Saturday. It was a good turnout. Thirty-three devotees went out and distributed 1,124 books. We all had a great time giving our treasures of bhakti to the people.

Your servant,

Vijaya dasa

Anyone can do it…

20140708_122149Hena Gohil, who has come down to Nairobi from the UK for a holiday, decided to join her aunt(Dwarka Vasini) and cousin (Ambika Gopi) for book distribution on the streets of Nairobi.

At first though, she was a little bit weary of the service as she had never read any of Srila Prabhupadas books. The first day was more of a tutorial day for her, but she quickly gained confidence after reading some pages of the book ‘Beyond Birth and Death’. On her second day on the street armed with some teachings of Srila Prabhupada, she started distributing books, and her confidence grew even more as many people approached her for books and she would tell them about her favourite book ‘Beyond Birth and Death’. In this way she was able to distribute many books including the Bhagavad Gita. Hena feels strongly for doing some charity work for the poor people.  What better way of doing some welfare activity for the conditioned soul than book distribution.

.Anyone can do it, even a child. Our Syamasundara’s daughter. She was preaching, “Do you know Krsna?….” “…This is preaching, simply if you say that “Krsna is the Supreme Personality, supreme controller. Just be obedient to Him.” Where is the difficulty? Anyone can preach.  ( Room Conversation, 25th, January, 1977 )

Africa Book Scores – July 2012

Dear Devotees,

Please find below a summary of the Book Scores for July from the African Continent.

Please click on the link below for details per temple.

Temple Books Points
Kenya  459   356.75
Malawi  116    98.75
Mauritius 6231 2179.00
South Africa 1042   387.05
Total: 7848 3021.55

Africa Book Scores – July 2012


Submitted by Murari Dasa

We had come to attend the Nairobi Ratha Yatra in East Africa and after that thought of doing some book distribution in neighbouring Dar es salaam and Zanzibar by Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s mercy. In Dar es salaam there are some devotees and there is some preaching going on. In Zanzibar, however the population is at least about ninety five percent muslims and, they are practicing muslims. Therefore there hasn’t really Continue reading

The End of a Nice Maha-Sankirtan Day

by Tirtha Pavana dasa (Montreal, Canada)

Bhakta Jeff and I reached downtown Montreal at noon, and by 7:30 we had
distributed all our flyers and books except one hardback Bhagavad-gita.
Both of us tried for thirty minutes to distribute that book, but no one
would take it. We preached to Christians, we preached to Indians — we
tried everyone! I convinced Bhakta Jeff to stay a little longer, but
finally Continue reading