Book distribution in Nairobi

Submitted by Vijaya dasa
(Iskcon Sankirtana Minister)

As I was distributing books in Nairobi, Krsna gave me a new line for distributing books.

After I stopped someone and exchanged a few words, I’d present the book to the person and, as Srila Prabhupada encouraged us to do, show the pictures to them.

Showing the changing bodies picture, I’d say the soul is going through the body from boyhood to old age to death and that it would continue after the death of the body. Then I would tell them the soul is so powerful that nothing can kill the soul not even the hydrogen bomb.

Then I would ask, “Do you know why the soul is so powerful?”

The person always said, “No, why?”

“Because it’s part of God, who is the most powerful. The more we connect with God, the more powerful we get, and the less connected we are to Him the weaker we become. This book will help you become spiritually powerful.”

Then I would ask for a donation, and ninety percent of the people would give one and take a book. It was pretty ecstatic.

This took place this last Saturday. All week long I was giving seminars on book distribution to the congregation and the temple devotees with the idea that we would all go out together on Saturday. During the week it’s difficult for the congregation to go out because they have jobs, so the plan was to try and inspire them to go on Saturday. It was a good turnout. Thirty-three devotees went out and distributed 1,124 books. We all had a great time giving our treasures of bhakti to the people.

Your servant,

Vijaya dasa

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