Book Distribution Poem to Srila Prabhupada

This is a poem by Dravida Prabhu to Srila Prabhupada about his most pleasing
mission of book distribution in honor of his Vyasa Puja day.

O Prabhupada, on this great day
When you appeared, just like a ray
Of Krsna’s vast effulgence bright,
To give this blind world back its sight,

We thank you from the bottom of
Our heart, and pray with deepest love
That we may serve your lotus feet
In every circumstance we meet.

As years go by and books go out,
We see what life is all about:
To serve your mission, and our Lord’s,
By spreading wide your sacred words.

As well you want us all to strive
To let those words direct our lives.
This safest path will lead us Home,
No more in Maya’s realm to roam.

Your servant,
Dravida dasa

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