Mantra Fest

Submitted by Dvaraka Vasini dasi

“Param vijayate sri Krishna sankirtanam”.  In this age of kali the recommended process of worshiping Krishna is hearing and chanting of His holy names. And we can realize this truth only by reading from the scriptures that hold the truth.  In Kaliyuga only one pillar of religion is standing which is truthfulness found in the Holy Scriptures like Bhagavad Gita As It Is, and Srimad Bhagavatam.

When we combine chanting dancing and prasadam we get a festival. This is our life and soul.

Mantra fest was such an event that was organized by the vaishnavis of ISKCON Nairobi, on 18th Oct 2014, to share this truth with the wanainchi (citizens) in Nairobi CBD.

Inspired by the visit of H.G Vijaya prabhu who gave a three days seminar on “Book Distribution, the event was an overflow of the devotee’s enthusiasm to distribute more books. There were thirty three devotees who participated in the program.
Started at 11am, near the monument of the late Shujaa (warrior) of Kenya, Tom Mboya. There was kirtana throughout the event which was very pleasing to hear and attracted people to come closer and listen. Devotees distributed the holy literatures to all those interested. And Prasadam was served to everyone around the place. What a wonderful site for the benefit of mankind.  Devotees also did skits to entertain and educate the people. The first skit was “Bird in the cage” – how we concentrate on the body but completely neglect the soul. And the second skit was “The boatman and the professor” –Is material education sufficient? In total 1143 books were distributed by the devotees and four buckets of rice Prasadam served.

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