Book Distribution in East London

Last week in East London, I a met a very nice African student at the Vincent shopping mall. I introduced myself to him and told him that I was a traveling monk and that I taught yoga and philosophy.  “That’s interesting,” he said, “As a matter of a fact I am very glad to have met you. You know what’s amazing, just before you came while sitting here I was thinking about serendipity.” I showed him a selection of books and told him that they were text books of higher knowledge. I began preaching about self realization and the difference between the soul and the temporary material body. I began to notice as I spoke to him, he seemed to understand everything that I told him; in fact it was almost if he were a devotee. I told him about the importance of chanting and of association and gave him a chant and be happy. He thanked me, and said he felt that it was by no chance he had met me. I gave me my email address, cell phone number and an invitation to the Wednesday program. The very next day, I was amazed to receive this email:  


Our meeting on Saturday has given me a spiritual rejuvenation unlike any I have experienced. I am blessed to have met you.

I replied to his email:

Dear Salathiso,

New beginnings are all out there in our existence, for which there is an eternal purpose. We have to be like an empty vessel waiting to be filled with higher knowledge, we have to wait patiently until that day arrives; we have to sieze the moment and the life changing opportunity at that moment. The time is now, if we hesitate, we will soon discover, that procrastination is the thief of time. Nothing happens by chance! There is a reason for everything, that is why we have been given this human form of life, to enquire about the nature of the supreme absolute. The journey for you has begun – now is the time for you to make the exploration!

A week later I got another reply from him:


Allow me to empty myself, until I am pure potential. We will definitely meet soon.

This is all due to Srila Prabhupada’s mercy and the life changing effect it has on people’s lives. I am indeed a fortunate soul to distribute Srila Prabhupada’s books with others.  George Harrison said, everyone is looking for Krsna!

Yours in the service of Lord Sri Krsna and His devotees,

Hare Krsna,

Madhumangala das

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