It Pays to Smile

Submitted by Dwarka Vasini ( Nairobi )

I was almost winding up for the day, with just four books in hand, as I was waiting to be picked up by our temple car from the street.  Trying to finish the few books, I noticed a man on a wheelchair looking at me as he passed in front of me. I smiled at him, and he smiled back, took a turn and parked the wheelchair next to me, so both of us were facing the same direction.

He asked what I was selling, so I showed him the books. A voice inside me said, if he wants it, give them to him for free (most people on wheelchairs who come to town are beggars). He asked me the price, again the voice said if he wants to pay for it, let him, as he gets more benefit. So I told him the price, he removed the money from his pocket and paid for the book.

Finally I gave him one extra book as a gift, he was elated, and I satisfied the voice inside me. As the man in the wheelchair left, another person came by and asked what I was selling; again I showed him the books, while explaining what the books were all about. He took one book, and told me, he wasn’t so much interested in the books, but was buying because of the friendly way I responded to the man on the wheelchair.

Dwarka Vasini

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