Reggie Gets the Mercy

Article Courtesy of BDN Conference on Pamho.

On the first day of the 2010 Prabhupada Marathon we (myself and Bhakta
Alexey, on his first marathon) were on Oxford Street in London, waiting
for a bus to take us to our destination, further up the street. We
started to distribute books at the bus stop.

When the bus arrived, the driver held my books as I got on. He was from
Indonesia. I asked him to take a Bhagavad-gita and he did, giving me a
small donation. It wasn’t enough for the Gita, but I thought a Muslim
from Indonesia buying a Gita would make a good story to tell the
devotees back at the temple, so I let him keep it. As we reached our
destination, I asked him his name? He said, “My name is Reggie.”

So I said, “Thank you, Reggie. Bye.”

Second week of the marathon. We are going to the same destination. This
time I was distributing Bhagavatam 1.1 at the bus stop. When the bus
arrived . . . guess who was driving. You got it. Reggie. So he held my
books again as I got on the bus, and I asked, “How’s it going? Have you
started reading the book?” He said he’d given it to his wife and she was
reading it now.

I said, “Wow! That’s great! Take a look at this; this is part two.” So
he gave me a donation and Alexey and I got off the bus, saying “Bye,

It doesn’t end there. It just gets better.

Three days left in the marathon. We didn’t waste time riding the bus,
since the competition was on.

I was distributing books and it was going OK when all off a sudden I saw
a little oriental lady walking toward me. I swear there appeared to be a
light surrounding her! So I stopped her and asked her to take a book. To
my surprise, she already had the Gita. Her husband had gotten it for
her, she said, and she was reading it.

I said, “Wait a minute. Does your husband drive a bus?”


“Is his name Reggie?”


“Wow! That’s amazing! What are the chances? I know your husband. He got
the /Bhagavad-gita /you’re reading from me.” By this time all the book
distributors were watching, since they were honoring lunch prasadam
nearby. I said, “Hey, guys, its Reggie’s wife!”

“Wow! Reggie’s wife!”

They were all amazed. Of course, Reggie’s wife was totally charmed by
all the fame and attention, so I offered her a Bhagavatam 1.1. She took
it and gave five pounds.

Now Reggie’s family has two Bhagavatam 1.1s and a /Bhagavad-gita/ As It
Is in their home.

What great fortune to be instruments of the Lord’s mercy on the fallen

Transcendental book distribution ki! jaaaaaiiiiiiii!

Your obedient servant,

Sundara Nitai Das

PS  Good news on the Nigerean sankirtan van, an anonymous donor just gave
$1,000 and another gave $25. So we now have $2,575. We’re gradually getting

your servant,
Vijaya das

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