Excerpt from Madhumangala’s Preaching Diary

Submitted by Madhumangala Dasa Dar es Salaam Diary Entry 1st March 2012 This morning I went to Prakash Prabhu’s office to get more Swahili Science of Self Realizations. Outside there were some men sitting and having a conversation – when they saw the books, they became curious and asked me what type of books they were. Just next to me was a table with some … Continue reading Excerpt from Madhumangala’s Preaching Diary

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Law Books for the next 10 000 years

Submitted by Madhumangala Dasa
Dar es Salaam
Diary Entry 28th February 2012

I had a blissful day distributing books in downtown Dar es Salaam. The main street was a hive of activity – taxis, busses, a huge sea of people coming and going, street vendors on every corner selling everything from belts, wallets to exotic fruits of all kinds.

People would stare at me with a curious look, but all the time smiling and greeting me. I stopped one barrister on his way to court, dressed in his court dress, and traditional white shirt and neck tie. I began to speak to him and told him the reason the laws are not working, is because Continue reading “Law Books for the next 10 000 years”

At the right place at the right time

By Madhumangala Dasa

Lord Caitanya’s causless mercy isn’t something mysterious, in one sense. It really enters the hearts of special souls via the medium of the sankirtan devotees. Thus everyone has an opportunity to remember Krishna, though they may be almost unaware of it.

About two weeks ago, coming back to Durban from Johannesburg, as usual I brought books with me on the bus. I began observing the passengers, who looked sleepy or else quite bored while staring out the window. Continue reading “At the right place at the right time”


Submitted by Murari Dasa

We had come to attend the Nairobi Ratha Yatra in East Africa and after that thought of doing some book distribution in neighbouring Dar es salaam and Zanzibar by Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s mercy. In Dar es salaam there are some devotees and there is some preaching going on. In Zanzibar, however the population is at least about ninety five percent muslims and, they are practicing muslims. Therefore there hasn’t really Continue reading “Zanzibar”

Book ditribution in the land of Dharma

Article Courtesy of Book Distribution Conference.

Once one of our devotees in India — Nitai Prabhu — was trying to distribute a
Krsna Book. But the man was reluctant and gave many excuses for not taking the
book. Finally he said that he would purchase it next time. A man seated
opposite him heard the conversation, and afterward the man said to the person
refusing to buy a book, “You should take it; it’s a very nice book. I’ve
bought this book and completed reading it.” When he heard this, the
person who had refused to buy the book readily bought it. In this way,
we often we meet people who appreciate our books.

Most surprising for us is that almost every day Continue reading “Book ditribution in the land of Dharma”