Report From Malawi

Submitted by Murari Dasa
Iskcon Blantyre

( Editors Note: The author Murari Prabhu, has been preaching practically alone for
the last two years in one of the world’s poorest countries.)
Murari Dasa
Murari Dasa

Bhakta Ram has become very keen for any opportunity to distribute books, and so he joins me on weekend book distribution excursions.

On the first weekend of March Bhakta Ram and I rode by car about

four hours to the shore of Lake Malawi, to a town called Mangochi, the main holiday-resort town in this country. Bhakta Ram took one of his company cars and a driver. Since the following Monday was a holiday, it was a long weekend. Mangochi is a predominantly Muslim town, but the people there are all liberal and friendly. The driver told us that when the Arabs used to travel to the African interior from the East African coast this town was a stop-over point, and that explains its predominantly Muslim population. Continue reading “Report From Malawi”