Only Prabhupada’s Books

Submitted via Vijaya Dasa ( Iskcon Sankirtana Ministry )

We went on sankirtan in Zenica Bosnia. I knocked on a door and a lady opened. While I was showing her the books she noticed the books and said, “My husband likes to read this books.”

“Please call him.” I told her.

“He’s not at home, he’s at work. He works as a barber.”

“Madam, please phone him and tell him that I have books for him.”

The lady phoned him and said, “There is a young man here with books that you like to read.”

I could hear him say, “Give him the phone.”

I picked up the phone and said, “Hello, I have some very nice books that you wife said you might like.

And he said, ” You know what, boy? I will take the books only if they are Prabhupada’s.

I could not believe my ears!

After 5 seconds I composed myself and I said, “Sir, Prabhupada’s books are the only books I have!”

He was as happy as I was. I told him all the titles I had and he told his wife to buy the ones he didn’t have.

Srila Prabhupada ki jaya!

Nitai-daya das

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