The Broad Spectrum Remedy

Submitted by Dwaraka Vasini { Kenya }

broad_spectrum_remedyA friend shared a tip with me from the medical perspective. She said as a medicine student they are taught how not to lose a patient. When a patient comes for treatment to a doctor for the very first time, if the doctor sends him to run some tests before treating him, more than often the patient will run away to sort some cheaper remedy, which might not be a good thing for the patient. So a responsible doctor tries and treats the patient from the obvious symptoms and carefully administers a broad spectrum medicine which will fully cure the patient and also secure his trust on the doctor.

As book distributors we are also faced with similar situations when a person stops to pick a book, asks a few questions regarding the book, then puts the book down and promises to come back, but that might be the last time we see the person.

Once again we lose the chance of passing Srila Prabhupada to a new person.

Applying the broad spectrum remedy we can also secure a potential buyer. If money is the issue, I usually ask the person what he can afford to give, if it’s reasonable I usually settle for it. If it’s too little then I convince the person to pick a smaller book which is cheaper.

If the person is not too sure about the book and how it might affect his faith, I usually pass on a small book to him, just to read, and if he feels it’s good he can come and pay me later or return it, if he feels it wasn’t worth it.

Till date no one has come back with the book, but I always get the money back.

The positive side of this is that it has made me regular on distribution, and also people build trust when they see you regularly distributing books.

Dwarka Vasini

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