Open Invitation To ISKCON Blantyre’s Inauguration of their New Preaching Centre

Murari Dasa
Murari Dasa

Dear Devotees,

On 19th April 2010, we arrived in Malawi with the hope of being used as instruments of Lord Caitanya to spread the sankirtan movement here. There were ups and downs and by the mercy of the Gurus and the GBC only were we able to stay on here and try to induce Malawians to join the ever expanding ocean of bliss that is the sankirtan movement of the most munificent Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

On the 29th and 30th September 2012 is the official opening ceremony for the new Preaching centre in Blantyre, Malawi. The property consists of a house and a garden, and it was given by a well-wisher for carrying our preaching activities.

The new centre will be inaugurated by H. H. Bhakti Caitanya Swami under whose inspiration and guidance we have been trying to preach here for the last two years. The schedule is as follows

Friday, 28th September 2012

2:35pm – Kirtan at Airport to greet Maharaja. Maharaja Lands in Blantyre Airport
7:00pm – House program in Well-wisher’s house

Saturday, 29th September 2012

5:00pm – Welcome address & Kirtan
5:20pm – Introduction Address
5:35pm – Speeches by prominent supporters
6:05pm – Inaugural Address by H. H. Bhakti Caitanya Swami
6:50pm – Inauguration of ISKCON Blantyre
7:20pm – Gaura Arati
8:00pm – Dinner Prasadam Feast & Video Show – “The Hare Krishna People”

Sunday, 30th September 2012

4:30am – Mangala Arati
8:00am – Srimad Bhagavatam Class by Maharaja
11:00am – Bhajans & Kirtans
11:30am – Bhagavad-gita class by Maharaja
12:30pm – Raja Bhoga Arati
1:00pm – Lunch Prasadam

How to come to Blantyre from Joburg

There are daily flights on AIR MALAWI and SOUTH AFRICAN AIRLINES. Alternatively INTERCAPE COACHLINE has very comfortable coaches from Johannesburg to Blantyre and return. They are quite comfortable and punctual. I used them twice. The cost for a one way trip would be about ZAR 1,100. The ticket for the return trip can be bought here in Malawi and it is cheaper.

A lot of invitations have gone out and we are expecting most of Blantyre to be here. However we are only two devotees (three if we count a new bhakta who just moved in with us) and it would be good for the aspiring devotees and other guests to see many other devotees.

So we welcome one and all to join us here from all over Africa. We can arrange accommodation and prasadam for up to 20 devotees and even more if required, due to the efforts of the well-wishers. Join us for the festivities and help us to take over Blantyre and firmly plant the Sankirtan movement here for the pleasure of Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga, to expand the Transcendental Blissful ISKCON family in Africa. If you are not able to join us here then please pray for us and be with us in ‘spirit’.

Just as Arjuna and Krsna were victorious in the Battle of Kuruksetra, this Krsna consciousness movement will surely emerge victorious if we but remain sincere devotees of the Lord and serve the Lord according to the advice of the predecessors (the six Gosvamis and other devotees of the Lord).
[CC Madhya 4.79]

This Krsna consciousness movement is started to save the world from irreligious principles. Everyone should cooperate with this movement in order to bring about actual peace and happiness in the world.
[ SB 4.28.48]

Similarly, although Krsna appeared in India, now He has come to the Western countries through this Krsna consciousness movement.
[CAT 12: How to Love God]

This Krsna consciousness movement is teaching how we can transfer ourselves to that eternal, spiritual nature where God is residing.
[ JSD 4.1: Show-bottle Spiritualists Exposed]

This Announcement is available in PDF format HERE

Your servants,

Murari Das and Nitai Nimai Das

iskcon_blantyre 3 (email signature)

   P.O. Box 1899,
Blantyre, Malawi.

(T)  +265 1 667 451
(M)+265 221 234 255
(M)+265 212 232 818
(M)+265 991 582 465

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