Excerpt from Madhumangala’s Preaching Diary

Submitted by Madhumangala Dasa
Dar es Salaam
Diary Entry 1st March 2012

This morning I went to Prakash Prabhu’s office to get more Swahili Science of Self Realizations. Outside there were some men sitting and having a conversation – when they saw the books, they became curious and asked me what type of books they were. Just next to me was a table with some Muslim books, I think they must have thought that they were similar books. As I showed the book to one man, as usual, I showed him the chapter: The Peace Formula. Just then, people who were passing us saw the men reading the books and asked if they could see some. The first man who took a book from me asked me how much I was selling the books for – I told him and without hesitation, he dug into his pocket and handed me five thousand shillings. When the others saw the money given to me, they did the same and two gave me some money for the book, without a second thought. Three SSR’s and they were all Muslims! Later after that, I distributed three more in total. This is the mercy of Srila Prabhupada and the blessing of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai! I just cannot wait for the day when Africa will be flooded with Srila Prabhupada’s books by African book distributors in every town and village to help spread the message of Lord Sri Caitanaya Mahaprabhu’s sankirtan mission!


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