A Pat on the Shoulder

Submitted by Dwarka Vasini ( Nairobi )

This was one of the worst days on sankirtan, no one was stopping. I had been struggling for over an hour and half, alone, without any luck.  I was feeling restless, and was pacing to and fro on the street. So many thoughts were going on through my mind. Why was I on the street?  The only Indian lady (hardly any Indians are seen on the streets in the CBD), was I in my right mind? What was I doing?  So many people, what difference is it going to make to them, they are not even bothered. I was willing to give free books on that day, but not even one of them wanted to take. Just then I felt a hand on my shoulder and the voice said, “You are doing a good job, don’t give up”. I never saw the person, but his words kept on echoing in my ears. Till today this words keep me going and I don’t miss going to the street. Because I realized it makes a difference.

                                                              Dwarka Vasini

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