The nectar for which we are always anxious for!

Submitted by Madhumangala Dasa
Dar es Salaam – Diary Entry 10th March 2012

It is almost 1pm – From the window where I am on the 12th floor – all around I can hear the sound from the Mosques as the holy name of the Lord is called out for all to come and offer their prayers to Him. This is making me think of Lord Caitanya, when He instructed His followers: Wherever you go, whoever you meet, ask them to chant Hare Krsna. I have just returned back from book distribution, and I am thinking: Somehow by the mercy of Sri Sri Gaur Nitai, I have been fortunate to try and follow that instruction by distributing that holy name, in the lasting form of Srila Prabhupada’s books!

After a raging thirst, I went into one small shop to get something cold to drink – as I came out, a young Indian man looked at me as I walked past him. I greeted him just as he was about to walk away so he came up to me. After introducing myself to him he said ” I remember seeing you about two days ago, I did want to stop you, but I kept thinking to myself, maybe if I see you again, I can ask you if there is any place here in Dar es Salaam having satsang. I am very glad that I have finally met you.” I told him that Krsna has His plans, by His mercy and blessings we have met. I showed him a selection of books, for which he thanked me and took one and gave me a contribution. He told me he had recently moved to Kenya with his family from India and lived in Nairobi for a while, but recently moved to Dar es Salaam. I gave him the times of our Saturday and Sunday programs. He thanked me and said that he looked forward to having the association of the devotees.

I then met a man, who looked like a veteran rock musician, wearing sun glasses. His face looked very familiar to me. I introduced myself to him. I asked him if I remembered him from South Africa. He smiled and said to me: “I remember you from last year, you gave me a book, how could I ever forget you.” I told him that I was sorry that I did not remember him. I asked him if would like another book – yes he would. I gave him a Perfect Questions to Perfect Answers. Just before I said goodbye to him, I took a picture of him so I could always remember him. By remembering the special souls that take Srila Prabhupada’s books, we can remember Krsna and Krsna’s dearest servant, Srila Prabhupada ki jay!


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