Sankirtana in Nairobi

Submitted by Dvaraka-Vasini dasi


We were distributing books on one of our busy streets in the city centre (Nairobi)

When three men approached my friend Snehal, the first person hurriedly took,  The Science of self realization from her hand, and exclaimed the cover has changed, after going through the book he said: Srila Prabhupada is the perfect Author and science of self realization is the perfect book for everyone. Then he turned to his friends and convinced them to buy SSR each. They also bought “The journey of Self discovery”, still talking to his friends the person again exclaimed: Srila Prabhupada is the perfect master.

These words were very encouraging to us to distribute more and more books to as many people as possible.


AS I was trying to convince a person on the street to take a Bhagavad Gita from me, who I had talked to explaining our KC philosophy as he had so many questions on what we believe in, and how we worship,

He was still not fully convinced and said he was not ready for the book as yet, but I should keep it for someone who might want it, just then a guy came from the other side and went straight for BG which I was trying to pass it on to the first person, I was taken by surprise as the 2nd person asked for the price and was ready to buy, the 2nd person looked familiar, hence I asked him if he had taken a book from me previously, he replied he had taken three small books and now wanted to read BG as all the small books refer to BG. He also mentioned he had quit smoking since he started reading Srila Prabhupada books.

On another occasion we were distributing books at the supermarket where we could display all our books on a counter compared to distributing on the streets where we end up holding books in our hands. A Muslim man approached us and started going through the books as if he was familiar with them, he then explained he had some of Srila Prabhupada books which changed him completely, he used to be a very bad person he mentioned.


A professor from the university, approached us at the same supermarket, and was so happy to see the display of Bhagavad Gita, he straight went for the Bhagavad Gita and started going through the book as if looking for something, we let him so do without disturbing him, he then told us he always wanted to read a Bhagavad Gita, and apparently a verse from BG was printed on his wedding card.


I saw a very friendly face while distributing books on the street, so hurriedly stopped him and showed him our beloved master Srila Prabhupadas books which I was holding in my hands, I asked the person if he was interested in spiritual literatures, he said yes, after he went through the books he picked on “Consciousness the Missing link”, while I was waiting for him to pay me, I asked him what he was studying, as he looked like a school boy (around 16yrs old),laughingly he showed me his business card and explained a lot of people assume he is still a kid, but he actually is 23yrs and working. I invited him to come to temple on Sunday and attend our science of self realization class, as he seemed quite interested, he agreed to come.

Samson actually turned up on Sunday and joined us for the class, as I was explaining how Krsna is so merciful and so loving to the class, Samson exclaimed “does God really exist”? and if He does, then He is just there to punish me, to the surprise of the class, I asked him why he felt that way, he then narrated his story, first he doesn’t know who his father is, or doesn’t really care, as a child he only remembers his mother beating him badly, doesn’t have any pleasant memories as he had a very bad childhood and as a result he had become very aggressive, has a very bad temper which is very destructive, he can turn the whole house in to a mess if he loses his temper. Though looking at him he seemed very calm, he said that he had perfected the art of pretence, that he was just faking to be happy but in actuality he was very hurt and does not believe in God. (but he still bought a spiritual book from us???).

Now the most interesting part of the story, he mentioned that on the day we met on the street he was so frustrated with life that he had decided to call it the end. Before we met, he had purchased a bottle of alcohol and sleeping pills, and was on his way to his work place to resign. But before he reached his office, we met, and he took a book, something happened to his conscious, and he decided not to go to the office, instead he went home. He was not interested in the book and still can’t explain why he bought it, so placed it on the table and sat exactly on the opposite side to do the inevitable. He started taking the pills and drink the liquor. He thought this was the solution to his problems, so he popped the first pill, then second and then the third, all the time looking at the book he had purchased, by now he was drowsy, but for some reason he felt like reading the book, so he got up and started reading, to his amazement he read the whole book and felt wide awake, and even after that he was awake the whole night . Samson loves Srila Prabhupada and says he wants to become like Srila Prabhupada full of wisdom. He regularly attends the classes.

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